Wellesley EAGLES S.O.A.R. on the Playground

• Play fairly.
• Learn a new game.
• Try to solve a problem using words.
• Ask the duty teacher for help when necessary.

• Walk inside the boundaries for the creative playgrounds (play tag games elsewhere).
• Stay off of the top and outsides of the creative equipment (excluding the rock wall)
• Travel one direction only on the slide – down!
• Sit down and go feet first down the slide.
• Wait your turn.
• Solve a problem the first time you are asked.
• Use a time out on the wall to come up with a plan.
• Talk to teachers, administrators and parents to solve problems.
• Take responsibility for your part in a problem.

• Agree upon the rules and then follow them.
• Make sure the rules are fair to everyone playing.
• Be a positive role model for others.

• Include others in games. Invite a new friend to play. Be kind.
• Be aware of where others are playing and avoid running through another game.
• Keep your game in a reasonable boundary.
• Take care of others, our equipment and playground.