The Cardboard Carnival is this Friday, October 4th!

Just a few days to go until our first Cardboard Carnival!  Our students are engaged creating a bulletin board advertising the food drive, booths for information, maps for game locations, surveys, and of course, fabulous games! Our school board’s goal is to help our students “improve their ability to communicate their thinking”.  Encourage our students […]

QSP Magazine Sales – Wellesley 7708

Parent council runs two fundraisers per year and one of them is QSP Magazine sales.  Our campaign begins with an assembly on Monday, October 7 and our students will be coming home with brochures to share with family members and friends.  Parents, this is an easy campaign to support from at home on your computer! […]

N4L Testimonials

N4L Testimonials “Our school is off to another amazing year with lots of activities happening all around.  I was happy to see food being dropped off for our Nutrition for Learning program and I just want to say thank you to all those involved for making this program happen again.  I noticed a big difference […]

N4L – Nutrition For Learning

N4L Philosophy: Our goal is to improve learning by ensuring that basic needs are met.  N4L requires that healthy snacks from 2 food groups are made available to all students. We practice safe food handling and maintain a peanut-safe environment.  We strive to buy local and minimize packaging to support out Green School initiative. 6007 WRDSB School […]

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